Princeton Class of 1990 25th Reunion Dormitory Housing Information

Dormitory Housing Options  

The university has allocated a set number of on campus beds to our class among various locations (with varying bed configurations), and we have secured additional beds at the Princeton Theological Seminary (all single-bedded rooms) and at Westminster Choir College (all double-bedded rooms). 

We will assign beds in the order in which we receive fully pre-paid registrations, based on the location selected during the registration process.

On Campus Dormitory Rooms ($125 per Bed) - SOLD OUT

These rooms are located at or near our 25th reunion site (Whitman College).  While some rooms will be at Whitman, others will be located in dorms in other parts of campus.  Room configurations include singles, doubles, triples and quads (all beds will be filled, so all multi-bedded rooms will be shared rooms).  Most dorms do not have Air Conditioning (Whitman dorms do have A/C), and virtually all rooms share communal bathrooms (usually a short walk from the room).  The university allocates the rooms to our class (we do not get to pick them).  There will be students staying in the dorms (graduating seniors, and students remaining on campus for Reunion-related activities) - the dorms are not reserved exclusively for alums.  Parking is available in University lots on a space available basis.  

Princeton Theological Seminary Rooms ($175 per Bed)-SOLD OUT

These rooms are located less than a half mile West of Whitman College (the PTS campus is just West of Alexander Street) and are a less noisy option than on campus housing.  All rooms are singles and are Air Conditioned.  Communal bathrooms.  There is free parking (but parking permits must be coordinated in advance).  

Westminster Choir College Rooms ($150 per Bed) - AVAILABLE

These rooms are located one mile northeast of Whitman College (the WCC campus is located at 101 Walnut Lane, about 4 blocks north of Hoagie Haven's location on Nassau Street) and are a less noisy option than on-campus housing.  All rooms are doubles (all beds will be filled), and they are not air-conditioned.  Communal bathrooms.  There is ample off street parking.  

Note: All rooms are non-smoking.  Pets are not allowed.  Every effort will be made to accommodate special needs that are noted during the registration process (e.g., ADA room, Orthodox/observant, etc.).  


The cost for dormitory housing depends on the location (as noted above) - but, for each location, it is a flat fee, per bed (not per room), for the entire 3-nights of Reunions weekend regardless of the length of your stay.  This cost includes basic linens (1 set of twin sheets, blanket, pillow and towel).


You must pre-pay for your bed(s) at the time of registration.  You will be charged per bed regardless of length of stay.

Deposits for Keys & Linens (Bring 2 Separate Checks)

At Reunions check-in, you will be required to leave two separate checks to cover the refundable key and linen deposits - a $50 deposit for each key and a separate $50 deposit for each set of linens (a separate check is required per type of deposit - please bring two blank checks with you!).  These deposits are in addition to the bed charge.  Checks will be cashed only if keys ($50 per key) and/or linens ($50 per set) are not returned.  Upon return of keys and linens at check-out, your respective deposit checks will be returned to you.

Register early! - First Come, First Served

While we will make every effort to house as many classmates as possible, dormitory housing is limited and CANNOT be guaranteed.  All dormitory housing will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis (based on the order in which we receive pre-paid registrations).  The best advice to secure dormitory housing is to register and pay as soon as possible - be sure to sign up online at, as soon as possible!  Please note that it is optional to purchase dormitory housing for Reunions, but you must register for Reunions in order to sign up for dormitory housing.

While there are opportunities to room with classmates, each Class of '90 member (including married classmates) must register individually for dormitory housing as part of the general Reunions registration process (see below for more detailed information on rooming with classmates).

Housing Waitlist

When our class allotment of dormitory housing is filled, we will have a housing wait list.  You will automatically be placed on this wait list if you registered for dormitory housing after all the beds are taken (once all of the beds have been claimed, we will update the housing registration information to indicate that bed requests are being taken on a wait list basis only, but don't assume you have automatically made the cut off before that message is posted).  We will notify you if you are on the wait list, and will notify you if a bed becomes available.  In the interim, we encourage you to find other accommodations (please refer to the "Hotel Accommodations' information).  Classmates who prefer to not be on the wait list will be provided with a full refund; classmates who are on the wait list and are not ultimately assigned a bed will be provided with a full refund as promptly as possible after Reunions weekend occurs (if you paid by check, we will destroy the check; if you paid with a credit card, we will issue a refund to your card).

Roommate Requests

If you would like to room with a particular classmate, please fill in the name of your desired roommate(s) in the appropriate space on the housing registration form.  We will do our best to accommodate your roommate request(s), but cannot promise that we will be able to honor all of them.  Make sure you and your friends register early and put down the same preferences.  You will be provided with housing assignments upon arriving on campus for Reunions weekend.

Surprise Roommates

Please note that, regardless of where your housing is, if you are assigned one bed in a multi-bedded room we will assign someone to the other bed(s).  We need to fill all open beds to accommodate all of the requests that we anticipate.


All dormitory housing comes with basic linens (1 set of twin sheets, blanket, pillow and towel).  We recommend that you bring blankets, pillows and any other comfort items from home.  Toiletries are not provided.


If you plan to stay on campus with children, we encourage you to plan for them to share a room with you or an older sibling.  We anticipate a tremendous demand for dormitory beds and we want to accommodate as many classmates as we possibly can.  We are asking all families to use space efficiently so that we can make the most of our scarce housing resources.  There is no charge for children staying in a room with you on an air mattress or cot that you bring with you.

Special Needs

Every effort will be made to accommodate special needs that are noted during the registration process (e.g., ADA room, Orthodox/observant, etc.).  Once you have secured your dormitory housing through the registration process, you can also email with any special needs requests.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Refunds for guaranteed housing registrations will only be given under the following conditions: Cancellation notification is made via time-stamped email to, and such notification is made on or before February 27, 2015 (for 100% refund).  After February 27, 2015, NO housing refunds will be made - but this does not preclude you from finding a classmate who is willing to take over your pre-paid housing registration (although you would need to coordinate reimbursement arrangements between yourselves; and the classmate who originally registered for housing will need to notify of the changed registration name so the reservation will be logged under the correct classmate name). 

This refund deadline does not apply to:
  1. wait-listed registrations (see "Housing Waitlist" for the refund policy for waitlisted registrations) or;
  2. hotel reservations that have been made separately from Reunions registration (each hotel has its own specific cancellation policy).